Reason for MTA
I believe Maine is not supporting our young talented performers enough, we are not preparing them fully for a successful career in the performing arts. There are many schools out there run by teachers with suspect backgrounds, limited experiences and talent, who are taking advantage of far to many talented students. They are setting our children up for failure while they line their pockets.

Truly, we should be preparing our talented Kids for this extremely difficult industry. It is imperative they are given the appropriate skills, applicable knowledge, business necessities and most importantly the truth about being a professional artist.

Mission of MTA
Our mission will be to lead in preparing our children for life as a professional performance artist or towards being a well rounded professional anything.

Arts, Sciences & Humanities Approach
Our pedagogical approach will incorporate research, development and active methodology’s in our lessons. Students will be encouraged to develop connections between the Arts, Sciences and Humanities as they interrelate and through this interaction their skills will be strengthened.
Examples: Singing-Anatomy/Mathematics/Acoustics/Storytelling
This in turn will also benefit the student in any future en devour they may choose, even if it is not in the arts.

Focus of MTA
Our focus will be on teaching theater, film, music and dance skills to teenagers and adults who are looking to pursue careers in the performing arts. It is imperative to prepare the student completely for a life in the performance industries. We aim to give our students a fully developed skills set through providing professional level training.

We are interested in grooming students towards the highest level of performance skills so they have a competitive edge in their pursuit. We will supporting these skills by offering intensive workshops bringing in professionals from NYC and LA.

Lessons and Classes
The Academy will also offer weekly performance related lessons in Music Theater, Acting (methods and History), Improvisation, Music Theater Dance (actual choreography from B’Way shows), Song Interpretation, Auditioning, Acting for the Camera, Public Speaking for Business People or others.

Private lessons will be available for any and all lesson categories, by professionals who call Maine their home.

We will also offer classes in the technical side of Theater.
These will also follow our pedogical approach combining Science and Humanities with the arts.
Set Design & Construction, Sound Design, Lighting, Costume Design & Film Making.

MTA Workshops
Our workshops will focus on preparing for a successful future in the Arts. Our guests artists will give classes in their specialty and come together for lectures about the industry itself.